Start Living the Life You Deserve

Start Living the Life You Deserve

By Unleashing Your Inner Goddess


So many people know what they DON’T want in life, but very few know what they DO…

Think for a minute—what do you want in your life that you don’t have?

What do you REALLY want?

What is your biggest desire? 

The good news is, you CAN create the life you have always wanted!

In Unleash Your Inner Goddess Author and Life Coach Christine Rizzo takes you on a journey of self-discovery and powerful breakthroughs. She keeps you laughing and makes you feel like you are talking with one of your closest friends. 

In this must-read book you will learn how to get past the obstacles and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from living your dream life. You will learn how to manifest the life you have always wanted by discovering the secrets to effortlessly attract your deepest desires. You will learn to feel good by gaining the confidence to trust your intuition which will help you to fear less. You will learn to feel empowered by learning that you are the creator of your life and that you can have anything that you want. 

It all begins with your DESIRE to make that SHIFT, to look within YOURSELF, to RELEASE the old stories, your thoughts and your BELIEFS. To RESET your habits and patterns that no longer work for you, and to RECLAIM yourself and the life YOU want to START LIVING. 

Are you ready to start living the life you deserve? Let’s do this!!

One day on my way to work toward the end of the month, I was listening to one of my favorite audiobooks, You are a...

About Me

Hello, I’m Christine, I’m a Manifesting Coach, and the Author of Unleash Your Inner Goddess – Start Living the Life You Deserve.

I became a Certified Manifesting Coach when I was going down the path of divorce a few years back. I knew I wanted to reinvent myself and become free of all the negative that went on throughout my marriage. I wanted to become someone that I would love unconditionally, become more positive in my thinking and start showing up as that person every day.

I knew that I wanted to work with women. Women that were or that are still struggling in their marriage, relationships or in their careers. Women who want to reinvent themselves or who don’t feel confident with who they are in life. I knew I wanted to help women learn to love every bit of who they are so they can start feeling amazing, and start creating the happiness in their life that they deserve. And that is exactly what I do, I help clients learn how to live the life they desire by unleashing their power and creating confidence to get what they deserve in life.