Your Vibes Speak Louder Than Your Words

Hello my beautiful Friends. How are you all doing? I am feeling good, keepin my vibes high so I can attract what I am wanting into my life. I wanted to ask you all, What are you thankful for today, maybe something that happened this past week, whatever it is, think about it and feel how good it feels. Feel the gratitude for what you are thankful for. Today I am thankful for the cool breezes that we had the other day, this is my favorite time of the year, and why I love living in FL. The weather here is just perfect during the winter. 

Before we get into this weeks episode, I want you to write this affirmation down. “No one can make me feel a certain way, I get to decide how I want to feel.”

 So, In last weeks episode we talked all about how our thoughts create our life. 

What we think about, we attract into our lives. The energy you are creating from your thoughts is attracting the same energy level back to you. Which is why it is very important to understand the energy that you are emitting out into the world, as it will always attract every person, circumstance and life situation that is on the same energy level that you are on

This is exactly why people that are always in a bad mood and that are angry most of the time, constantly have life situations and circumstances in their life that are negative. They are never happy and are always complaining. The exact opposite is true with people who are always positive, happy, and kind toward others. Things always go their way. You think it’s because they are just lucky, but this isn’t the case at all. They are emitting positive energy from their thoughts, and they are attracting all the same people and circumstances to them that are on their frequency level – a frequency level is an energy wave that comes from our thoughts and feelings and goes to the universe. The universe then mirrors our exact energy level back to us through other thoughts, feelings, circumstances and people that are on the same exact energy level that we omitted into the universe. Does that make sense? And that is why I will keep repeating over and over again how important it is to pay attention to the thoughts that you are having throughout the day and the emotions that you are feeling.  

Let me give you a little example Say You spend a lot of time worrying whether you will ever meet someone that is going to make you happy or if you are going to get the job that you want so badly. You spend time worrying because you don’t have faith in yourself, and you just don’t trust that it’s actually possible. With negative thoughts, comes negative energy and negative feelings that you are putting out into the Universe. To get the job, or the relationship that you’re wanting, you have to create positive energy, from positive thoughts which will give you positive emotions. Remember like attracts like. Therefore, the energy that is vibrating inside of you, will always attract similar energy back to you. 

Let’s talk about our feelings, as they are super important to creating and manifesting what you are wanting. Women get so much shit for being overly emotional, which can be true at times, (OK so we can be super hormonal some months too . . . And is that a problem LOL???)  This is actually an huge asset for us women because our feelings are what makes us powerful manifestors. 

Why are feelings so important for manifesting you ask?……You can continue listening to the rest of this blog on my podcast “The Manifesting Formula” You are going to love it!!