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You Are More Powerful Than You Know

Hello My beautiful  Friends, How are you all today? Last week we dove into the law of attraction, which is the first law of the Universe and the most important law. This week we are going diving into Where our power comes from and that my friends is from our thoughts. Our power comes from our Thoughts, I hope you have your journals with you today. You are going to want to take lots of notes. but before we continue I would like to start from a place of gratitude as it is super important to be grateful when wanting to deliberately create or to manifest what you’re wanting

when we come from a place of gratitude our energy level becomes very high and that is where you want to start each morning, to set your day off in a positive way. every morning I write in my gratitude journal 3 things that I am grateful for. This helps me to feel good and to appreciate what I have in my life as well as what I am about to receive. So let me ask you right now, What is it that you are thankful for today?  I will definitely be focusing my energy on creating a whole episode on Gratitude in the future, as it is so so important and one of the keys to our power when it comes to manifesting. 

Before we continue I want you to write this down.  I am responsible for my Energy – My thoughts and my Feelings. Let me repeat that again. I am responsible for my Energy – My thoughts and my feelings.  

we are manifesting every day unconsciously, we don’t even realize that we are doing this because its all happening by default through our thoughts. Manifesting starts with learning to clean out your thoughts by becoming the watcher of what you tell yourself or think about every day. 

If you put thought to whatever you want, you will eventually attract that into your life. Like I explained in the last episode. Like attracts like.  what you choose to think about you will attract. 

Whatever you give thought to, you create. 

So my friends if you are one of those that keep telling yourself that you can’t, or that you don’t know how, You need to stop, because when you keep telling yourself those lies, they will always become your truth and that is all that you will ever be shown because the Universe can only give you what you think and believe. 

You see We are all made of energy and energy is power. Everything in this world is made of energy. Every thought that you have is energy, your feelings are energy, The chair that you sit on, the microphone that I am recoding this podcast with, the car that you drive, the money in your wallet, the laptop that you type on. The phone in your back pocket, the glass of wine that you drink every night….

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