There is no right or wrong

There is no right or wrong

What is Right for one person isn’t necessarily Right for another.

Just because you may feel that you are right in a situation doesn’t make the other person wrong.

It’s Ok to have your own beliefs, but that doesn’t make your beliefs Right and someone else’s beliefs Wrong.

You may feel so strong that someone is wrong. But the truth is that you couldn’t possibly know what is right or wrong for another person…because you aren’t them. You are You.

Instead of arguing with others trying to prove your point, (when we know you will never change their mind – stop riding that hamster wheel my friends – that shit doesn’t work) be OK with letting them think differently than you.

You aren’t right in their mind either. Both trying to prove the other one wrong.

What if you didn’t think the thought “ I am Right and they are Wrong”?

What if that thought of yours Never existed?

Who would you be?
How would you feel?

You would be less angry, less stressed and more at peace. You would be ok with knowing others have their own opinions and it’s ok for them to think differently.

Here’s my challenge for you…Let go of the persona of the ego and try being ok with not being right all the time.

Because the truth is…..
“There really is No Right or Wrong – there just Is”

Start off the New Year with a belief that serves you better and keeps you feeling more at peace.

Oh…and by the way…..I am the Right one here!! 😜 Lol

And if no one has told you today….

I love you

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