The Price of Discomfort

The Price of Discomfort

We will all go through feelings of overwhelm throughout our lives, but how do we learn to get past those feelings? How do we learn to work through the overwhelm, and the stress of everyday life?

You pull up our sleeves, jump into what needs to get done…you don’t think about it, you don’t over analyze and you bust that Shit out!! You get it done!! You make a decision and you do the work. You learn to become ok with getting very uncomfortable.

Or you can stay where you are…in the pool of overwhelm, feeling uncomfortable and feeling sorry for yourself. It’s easier to make up excuses and blame the world, and other people for how nothing ever goes your way, or how life is so hard.

Either way my friends you are going to go through those uncomfortable feelings. If you are willing to take on the challenge, you will eventually accomplish your goals. And if you choose to not move forward, by pulling up your sleeves and doing whatever it takes to get it done, you will stay stuck, still feeling overwhelmed and continue complaining to everyone how life isn’t fair…blaming, blaming, blaming everyone but yourself.

Do yourself a favor and don let your Inner Mean Girl make the decisions for you.

So my Friends…Which way will you Choose to go???

* Are you willing to feel uncomfortable so you can get to your rainbow?

It’s the only way… Something we all need to experience & go through to evolve. Our souls crave it because we are meant to evolve as humans. We are meant to grow and feel uncomfortable. We are meant to make mistakes and have failures in life. We are meant to face challenges, because we are human. If we weren’t meant to feel uncomfortable, then these feelings would never exist, but they do exist.

Discomfort is the currency for Success, which is so very beautiful indeed. Growing to experience what we are meant to experience in Life….Growth in Oneself…Now this my friends is the true meaning of Success… I Promise…You’ve Got This!!

And in case no one has told you today….

I love you

Xoxo Chrissy

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