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Letting Go Of What Is Out Of Your Control The Manifesting Formula

In today's episode we are talking all about the control that we need to let go, so we can stop attracting people and circumstances into our life that annoy and bother us.  If we don't learn to let go of what is out of our control, we will not be able to manifest what we want. We need to stay on a high frequency level to create, but when we keep complaining and letting what other people are doing affect us, we can't move up to a higher frequency. My Friends, I would love for you to join my new FB Group called "The Manifesting Formula Tribe". Just press on The Manifesting Tribe to join. I look forward to seeing you there!!Is there something that you may be struggling with  when it comes to manifesting, if so, click on my website and it will bring you to a form to fill out. I will get back to you with your answer in one of my episodes.  www.christinerizzo.comIf you have any questions, you can email me at Christinerizzo@christinerizzo.comI would love to hear from you. If you are enjoying this podcast, please subscribe or download the episodes so you can listen to them weekly.   My purpose is to help others discover their power within, so please share this podcast with as many people as you can. It would mean the world to me.You can follow me on instagram @chiristinerizzo444 or  Fb @christinerizzo444You can purchase my book Unleash Your Inner Goddess – Start living the life you Deserve   by  clicking on the title of my book.  You are going to love it!! Let's work together  in my 1 on 1 in my Coaching program,  so I can help you manifest the life that you want to live, a life that you will start to loving. Support the show ($manifestingformula)
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