Holy smokes!! I am a life that has been changed!

“It started with Chrisitne being interviewed on a podcast that I stumbled upon. I immediately tracked down her podcast The Manifesting Formula and binge listened over the weekend, then I ordered her book and read that in 2 days. After listening to her podcast and reading her book, I knew that I needed to hire her for one on one coaching. And I am so glad I did. Christine is raw, honest, funny, knowledgeable, so freaking encouraging and positive! Anyone who can learn from her is so lucky and will never be the same again! I am a better human and life coach because of her. Thank You Christine!!”

Elizabeth Shafer


“Christine’s coaching was the push that I needed to truly transform my life. Her approach is realistic and she continuously challenges you, while being the close friend you always need a chat with. She made me realize that I can manifest anything that I want into my life and can live the life that I truly deserve, by listening to my intuition and changing my beliefs. She taught me that visualizing exactly what I want in intricate detain can and will manifest into my reality. Christine gives you the tools and motivation you need to focus your energy and thoughts on what you truly want and to keep your vibrations high. My life has enhanced in every way possible and only continues to increase in abundance and aliveness. We have had the power all along, sometimes we just need that friendly push to open our eyes. I am forever grateful for Christine for being my Coach.” 

Analise Cicio 


“Christine taught me the tools on how to manage my mind, how your thoughts create feelings and how your thoughts create your reality. With these tools I was able to shift my perspective completely. I was able to let go of my past that I was in so much pain from because I shed a core fear that I carried around for years. And with that shift I was able to make a bold move and relocate to be closer to my immediate family. Something I never even dreamed possible because of the fear I held onto. I highly recommend Christine’s six-month program. She will teach you the tools that will change your life.” 

Ashley Lown

I learned to start loving myself & became more confident, I learned to believe in myself.

“My life has been full of ups and many.. many downs.  At 35, I was going through a divorce, trying to start a new career and basically was trying to get my life and self esteem back in check. Christine is absolutely amazing. She helped me with all three. I started a new career by learning to attract multiple job opportunities and offers. I learned to start loving myself and became more confident, I learned to believe in myself. Which then helped me to start a new relationship with someone that I was able to feel a much deeper connection with before working with Christine. Learning that I am the only one that can create my own happiness and not to expect other people to do that for us, was definitely a huge game changer for me. Christine came to me at a very difficult time in my life and was with me every step of the way.  She is so down to earth, compassionate and she doesn’t sugar coat anything, which is what I definitely needed.  If you need to hear it, she’s gonna tell you because it will only benefit you in the end. She genuinely WANTS you to FEEL and KNOW how AMAZING you really are. Christine, I really can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me.  We’ve talked a lot about gratitude, and I am forever grateful for you.”

Lisa Saravo

I was able to let go of my past so I could attract Romance into my Life.

“I know in life we have many choices and when it comes to choosing a Life Coach, I would like to avail you the opportunity to know why I selected Christine. Of course, anyone can see how lovely and beautiful she is on the inside and out, however, she is direct and dynamic in her approach to help you chart your course intentionally on your journey to success. As you walk down your path we all need laser focus, crystal clear vision to getting there. She gave that to me, she helped me clear my thinking, and the blocks that I was carrying throughout my life. Christine helped me let go of my past so I could attract the things that I was wanting.

I had a couple of things I have been struggling to reach on my own and realized that whether we are looking to change and grow physically or in our mindset, the best thing to do for myself was to hire a coach.  I needed to change my mindset first to create a very intentional attraction to my goal. It is true that you can attract and achieve anything you put your powerful mind to! I know this because I was able to create exactly what I wanted to when I applied the tools that Christine taught me.

I attracted the romance that I was longing for, but not until I truly learned how to love myself fully and let go of my past. That’s when I was able to work on my confidence which helped me to feel so differently about myself. And That is exactly when the men started to really pay attention to me. I wound up finding the love of my life…well really I should say…I attracted the love of my life. We have been together ever since.

Christine will be with you every step of the way. She excels at helping you see things you have not, things in a different light and help you transform you and your goals into reality. I think at any age we all need improvement. Whatever it is you want to work on, she has you covered. Christine is the extra ingredient everyone needs to move forward.

I have watched her first hand do this in her personal and professional life. She changed to a positive mindset and a new way of thinking which has resulted in her current successes. If you are looking for balance in your life, to reach a tough goal that you want to achieve like creating more money, or to attract love (like me) or whatever it is you want. I would recommend reaching out to Christine. She will help you create the things you want into your life, she will help make your life shine and others will see the difference in You!”

Domenique G. Lombardo

MY WORLD HAS CHANGED…thank you Christine

“Coaching with Christine, changed my Universe! I have never felt more empowered. I instantly felt a connection with her. Within a short time, she’s helped me to understand how to address years of beliefs that were not serving me, learn to articulate my thoughts and feelings into action, and manifest my dreams into reality. I knew something was missing in my life, I just didn’t know how to tap into it. She linked arms with me from the very beginning. Christine knows how to provide the guidance necessary for life change to take place. I trusted her process and did the assignments she gave me. She’s authentic and real and makes you think thoughts that serve you that help manifest your blissful life. The one you have been waiting for. I am so very grateful for her coaching style and the impact she’s had on my life. Thank you Christine, I love you so very much! And I am so very grateful to have you as my coach” 

Kristin Ramirez

Manifesting Queen

“Christine is a gifted coach, visionary and dear friend. Her view of the world always impresses me—real, honest and full of generosity. She walks her talk, manifests the life of her dreams and has an incredible knack for helping others do the same without pedantic jargon or bullshit. Her work has a place in shaping an emerging higher consciousness in the world . . . at a time when we need it most.”  

Lydia Feldman