Stop Lying to Yourself

Hello My Beautiful Friends, How are you all doing today?  Before we get into this weeks episode,  you know where I am going, and if you have listened to my other episodes, it’s time to come from a place of gratitude, so we can keep our vibrations high, and so we can attract more of what we are wanting. 

So let me ask you all, what are you thankful for today? Write that down in your journal. If you haven’t already started writing 3-5 things down every morning, try to start adding that to your morning routine, I promise it will help to change your life in a more positive direction. 

Getting into the habit of saying thank you throughout the day, has truly changed my life, when we show the Universe gratitude, She can only give us back more things to be grateful for. What we give thought to, we create more of. Today I am extremely thankful for my husband and how he loves to work outside to make everything look beautiful. I can not tell you how special it feels to see someone that you love and adore put so much love into making our home look beautiful for us both. I am so so grateful for all his hard work. 

So, Last week we talked all about The lies that we were told when we were children, why we have a hard time letting them go, and how our beliefs can get in the way of manifesting. Today we are going to talk about how we can stop believing the lies that we have been telling ourselves all these years and how our Inner Mean Girl which is our ego always gets in our way. 

Take out those journals, Because I am about to tell you how you can change your beliefs so you can start creating new ones?  But before I tell you how you can start doing that, I want you to write this down. It’s a teaching from A course in miracles. 

“A Course in Miracles” teaches that projection is perception, therefore, whatever fear-based beliefs you’ve been projecting onto your internal movie screen have become the film that is your life. It’s time to become conscious of what you’ve been projecting so that you can begin to rewrite your script. I will leave this quote in the show notes for you. 

Ok lets get into changing those beliefs of yours

Are you ready? Here we go. 

1. To change your beliefs, you must first recognize that your belief is just a thought, a sentence in your head, and that you are able to change it. 

2. You have to consciously replace it, by letting go of your original thought and replacing it with a new thought. 

3. You have to recognize that the belief that you are wanting to replace is NOT true, and then replace it with an opposite thought of the belief. 

When you replace it with a brand-new thought, it will empower and free you from that limited feeling. 

 4. Question any belief that is not created from love. That is how you will know if you need to change your belief: when it isn’t coming from love. 

Remember as I told you in the last episode, that Our limiting beliefs are just bullshit stories that were told to us at one point in our lives. And You can start telling yourself new stories, stories that you feel good about. Stories that don’t limit you. 

you may want to come back to this part of the episode a few times to really understand why you believe the beliefs that you do. Remember you don’t have to believe anything that you don’t want to, you get to choose, because you are in control of whatever you want to believe. So, to get Those Lies in Your Head, you have to 

First Identify the limiting behavior that is holding you back.

Second you need to Get curious with your limiting belief. 

Ask yourself, what thoughts are you believing that keeps you repeating the same behavior?

Third you need to Question where this belief came from. 

Where did you pick it up? 

Have you thought about this since childhood? 

Did you hear it from your parents? 

Did you read something that made you believe this?

Did something happen in your life that made you start believing this?

Ask yourself if there is truth to this belief—or is it just a story that you have been telling yourself? 

Find as many reasons as you can to prove that this belief isn’t true. Dig deep and see what you come up with. 

You want to start Connecting with your Inner Goddess your intuition . . . 

What are you hearing her say about this belief? 

What are you feeling inside? 

Is this belief of yours limiting yourself from living your truth? 

What is the real truth about this? 

Once you have decided if you want to keep your beliefs or if you want to change them,

You then need to choose a new thought, a thought that will make you feel good, one that will empower you.  Remember you can change your thoughts and any of your beliefs anytime you want to. Because You my friends are in control of everything you think about and believe. 

It’s your life and your choices, no one but yours, so You don’t have to continue believing what other people believe if you don’t want to. You get to choose. 

This is what keeps me going everyday, knowing the power that I have within myself. It’s truly life changing. 

Ok Now that we figured out how we can let go of our beliefs and how to question if they are serving us by believing them. I want to introduce you to your Inner Mean Girl, and how she tries to get in the way of every single thing. I want to tell you a true story about my husband and I and how my inner mean girl tried to steal the show on that particular night…..keep listening on my podcast “The Manifesting Formula” to find out exactly what happened….