Saturday’s are sacred to me

Saturday’s are sacred to me

I love Saturday’s…They are truly sacred to me…

I focus on what I need to fill my soul, so I can recharge myself from my busy week of being an entrepreneur, a mom, a coach, an independent author, a wife.

This is the day that I take to myself and focus on what I need, not what others need. I do this because I want to show up as my best in whatever I do.

If I don’t give my mind a break from what is happening in my everyday, and I don’t recharge myself, I know that I won’t be able to think clearly when I need to.

By taking one day to yourself every week is not only selfless, it’s showing yourself love for your mental well-being…..You are not only doing this for You but you are doing this for those around you.

Try it for a few weeks. Give yourself a break…recharge your mind. Not only will you love it….your family will be grateful in the long run..Trust me…they need it more than you think. 🥰

And in case no one has told you today….

I love you

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