Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….

This is getting so very real my friends, we had a photoshoot for the cover…And Here is an excerpt from one of my chapters that I wanted to share with you all….

Are there people in your life that push your buttons?, that annoy the hell out of you? That happen to drive you out of your fucking mind? Yes, Relationships are complicated my friends, we all have people in our lives that drive us mad. We all know someone that we wish we didn’t have to be around as often as we do. I mean why does this happen?, Why do so many people in our lives drive us Crazy? And why the hell are they constantly around us?

I went through this for so many years… I was the one that didn’t like many people. Too many things about other people would annoy me. Like their attitude, how they were always angry, or how they weren’t acting how I felt they should be, how people can be rude and obnoxious, and my all time favorite….how some people drive too damn slow (Well Come on, I still feel that way…we all know that really is annoying!!) Ohhh I could go on and on…. I would just blame, blame, blame everyone else for their faults. Never once wanting to see that I had a few of my own. Nope not me….I was practically perfect in my own little world, judging everyone else but myself.

I eventually learned that the people who tend to annoy the hell out of us, and spew out dragon fire toward us, happen to be our best teachers. Which unfortunately meant, that I had some shit to figure out with who I was. When I first heard all this crazy talk about other people being our mirrors, I was like WHAT the hell are they talking about??? How can that possibly be true?? I refused to believe any of this…. there was absolutely no way that I could possibly have that many lessons to learn, let alone all those things wrong with me…..( I was practically perfect, remember?) The truth is that the person that succeeds in pushing your buttons is the exact mirror image of your lessons. Once I understood this I knew I had to start working on myself, because I really didn’t like the person I became..  


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