Just Breathe….

Just Breathe….

It’s going to be ok…JUST BREATHE…

As I have listened to so many people talk about what is happening today (corona virus)…..I can’t help but notice how most are in a negative mind frame. 

The energy that we put out into the world is affecting not only you but those around you. We are all magnets as we are made of energy. What you give out, you will Always receive back. 

Your perception of what is happening today, is how you are choosing to think of things. Which will then become your truth and show you exactly what you are thinking. Because, It’s your story…

My story is this….and this is why I feel such ease and contentment during this time…

•I am choosing to see this as an opportunity to help others by offering free coaching sessions. 

•To spend more time with family. 

•To focus on giving more and creating for others. 

•To sending out more Love, Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance to the world by meditating more per day. 

•To writing more content for the book that I started. 

•To making more rocks with inspirational messages on them for my walks. 

•I am not letting what others people say affect me. That is their story not mine. I will walk away from a conversation if I am feeling the energy shift from positive to negative. 

•I protect my energy by not  listening to the news and I stay away from social media posts that aren’t positive. 

It’s all how we are choosing to see this. 

You can live in a scarcity mindset, of fear, helplessness, worry and that is exactly what  you will create and will be shown to you. 

Or can can see things from a place of abundance and feel relaxed, content. You can breathe knowing and trusting that everything is going to be ok. 

Let me help you….my offer still stands….clink on the link below or in my bio for a 60 min coaching session. 

And if no one has told you today……

I love you



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