Self Awareness

It’s Ok To Fail

It’s ok to fail… it’s ok to not have a win every time. When we fail it’s an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. There are times that we will repeat these mistakes a few times before we catch on to them not working.

Sometimes, we never learn and stay in the cycle of repeat. We have all been there one time or another until we realized we were tired of not moving forward and staying stuck. Some of us stay stuck because we are afraid of change and then we never grow. Our brains tell us that change is uncomfortable and scary. Why would we want to change and grow when we are so comfortable to not have to move forward?

Because the truth is whether or not you choose to move forward, where you are going to fail, get uncomfortable and grow to the person you have always wanted to be.


Whether you choose to stay comfortable, by not failing, learning or growing. You still wont be happy. You will get uncomfortable eventually by not moving forward in life as we are meant to.

We are meant to fail over and over again so we can grow and not continue repeating the same mistakes.

Well my friends….here is my big fail that I want to share with you all. My hair turned blue, silver and a few other shades. I was going for silver…the edgy silver look. I didn’t have patience to wait for an appointment so, I decided to color it myself and to be honest, I didn’t want to blame my hairdresser if I hated it.

I made a mistake and It’s ok..we all make mistakes, we all fail and that is ok… We are All human and we are still perfect no matter what hair color we have. You are perfect exactly how you are, it doesn’t matter what others think. Other people’s opinions about who we are and how we look don’t matter…EVER!! I have to say…I am loving every minute of this mistake. I am owning every bit of it. It’s my fail and I love myself for it.

And if no one has told you today…. I love you