It’s Inevitable

It’s Inevitable

I know one day I am going to die….it’s inevitable..How, when or where? I have absolutely no idea, and It doesn’t really matter, because It’s out of my control and that is ok…I don’t need to know those answers…I don’t want to know those answers. I just know that I am at peace with this, I’m not scared. It’s going to happen one day and I am ok with this…I am bringing this up to you all because…

I am choosing to not let every fact about what is happening in our world today over the virus control my thinking. I get to control that…(which is all we can control, as we have figured that out by now). We can only control how we want to think about all of this…I have decided that I am going to show up in the world with who I want to be and how I want to feel everyday…with a positive attitude…knowing that one day this is going to end. I am not fearful, I am fearless. 

Understanding this is all I can control, helps to keep me calm, and content in whatever circumstances are put in front of me. 

Learning to Live in the present, in the “Now”, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. There is nothing to stress over..It is only when we start to think about the future, or the unknown, (which is out of our control), that is when we get anxious, worried, and fearful. 

I am choosing to not let circumstances around me take over my mind and spiral out of control. I am choosing to not let what other people say affect me. 

Constantly obsessing over what is out of our control is not serving you or anyone around you. What we think about today, we create tomorrow. If you constantly continue to fill your head with the News and what is out of your control…you are creating more of that in your future. More noise, more negative and more illness. I am not saying that what is happening around us isn’t sad and tragic…it definitely is…I am just not letting it control my thinking. I am not obsessing over what I can’t control. 

What we think about, we attract into our lives. The energy you are creating from your thoughts is attracting the same energy level back to you. This is why it is so important to understand the energy that you are emitting out into the world, will always attract Every person, circumstance and life situation that is on the same energy level you are on. This is exactly why people that are always in a bad mood and angry, constantly have life situations and circumstances in their life that are negative. They are never happy and always complaining. The exact opposite is true with people who are always positive happy, and kind toward others. Things always go their way, …you think it’s because they are just lucky. Which isn’t the case at all…the are emitting positive energy by their thoughts, and they are attracting all the same people and circumstances to them. 

Your story becomes your perception through your eyes. We all choose to see things differently, and that is why some people are more calm over this pandemic and others are out of control. 

Choose to think about all the positive things that are happening…like all the Amazing Doctors and Nurses that are working around the clock for us. Choose to Think of All the Brilliant Scientists that are working day and night to find a cure and create a vaccine. Think of all new careers that will come from this. Think about all the beautiful family memories that people are creating together. Think of all the money you are saving. 

Choose to think of the good for yourself…and for your family. 

If you are spiraling out of control with your thoughts…help yourself by hiring a Coach. This is what we do…we help you clean out your thinking…we all need to clean out our thoughts. It’s like cleaning out your house but instead…you’re cleaning out your brain from your thoughts that aren’t serving you. Do this for yourself and for those around you. During a time like this, we need to keep ourselves healthy and thinking clearly. Do this for you.

And if no one has told you today…

I love you 



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