I Deserve To Have it All

You’re Damn Right I am!!

If you want something…You have to go after it yourself. Because no one can do that for you.

I think of Life like a game, you get to set your intentions by what you want in life. Are you determined to win the game or are you going to let what is out of your control take over and affect you?

There are always going to be obstacles through out the game, but those are your chances to pick another route or pick a different card.

Don’t let those obstacles define you. You are the one in control and you can choose to win at your game of life as well.

I am determined to win and nothing is going to stop me…We all have the power within ourselves to have whatever we want.

Stop making excuses…by playing the victim. You have full control for how you want your life to turn out.

There is no news better than that. Own that my friends, and start directing your power toward winning your game of life. Because you can have what the world offers if you truly want it!!

And if no one has told you today

I love you