When we learn to focus on what we want instead of letting our thoughts take over like they are in control,

We can bring what we are wanting into our life through deliberately focusing on the things that we desire.

When you put focus toward things that you aren’t wanting, you can only receive exactly what you are thinking about.

Here’s a tip:

Take notice of what you are thinking about everyday.

When you notice your thoughts starting to spiral out of control. Notice the feeling that you feel from your thoughts. When you feel a negative emotion. It’s a signal from our creator to change your thinking.

When we are feeling negative emotions, we are out of alignment with our true selves which is that of love.

Question yourself as to why you are feeling those emotions.

Maybe you need to be kinder to yourself or toward others. Maybe you need to not have strong expectations of yourself or of others. Or maybe you need to mind your own business and worry about how you are showing up in the world instead of how others are. It’s not your business what other people say or do.

Our creator created us with emotions for a reason. It’s our signal to know if we sit in the emotion for a period of time.

We can only manifest more circumstances and people on that same energy level that we are omitting out.

Our emotions was a gift from our creator…. So my friends start listening to them and I promise that when you change your thoughts…your life will change.

And if no one has told you today..

I love you