Let’s Practice Love

Let’s Practice Love

Let’s practice Love…Let’s learn to love ourselves for who we are as individuals…

When you look in the mirror everyday while getting ready, are you truly happy with who you are? Are you investing in loving the most important person? That most important person is YOU…

How can we love others and give to others if we don’t love ourself first?

How can we teach others to love if we don’t love who we are? 

Let’s work on loving who we are and realizing with how much we have to offer to this world and to others. I learned to love myself by learning to be grateful everyday and by saying affirmations daily…

I say them throughout the day, to help my subconscious to believe them.

Our Subconscious part of our brain is like a child, which has collected beliefs that are not necessarily true from when we were younger. Things that our parents may have told us over and over again, like “you have to work really hard to make money in this world”, or “if you don’t go or finish college you will never be able to get a good paying job”. (Bill Gates and many others proved that one to be WRONG) Because of our Subconscious believing things that we now live by and believe ourselves, we have to retrain the brain by repeating over and over again these new beliefs. Eventually they will begin to manifest and we will believe them as our truth.

This is such an important part of manifesting what you want into your Life….learning to Love Yourself and Others. IF you don’t learn to love yourself first, you will just continue to Manifest things that you don’t want into your life by default. What we think about we create… (that will be another Blog post for sure.)

Here are a few examples of the affirmations that I say out loud always with emotion added, (when you raise your vibration with emotion, you actually manifest quicker 😉

I am Love & Light

I am one with the Universe, I am one with God, I am one with All

I am Enough

I am successful in all areas of my life

I am grateful for my life

I am Truth

I am happy 

I am healthy 

I am Abundant

I am the Master of my Thoughts

I am Strong, I am Smart, I am Sexy  

I am generous 

I am a Master at Manifesting 

I am worthy of everything that is given to me

I am worthy of All

I am filled with energy everyday

Whatever you put after “I am” will help to reshape your life. After you say these affirmations over and over again, your subconscious will eventually believe this as your truth. Start showing yourself how much you love yourself. Start telling yourself everyday that you are an Amazing person and you love exactly who you are.  No one deserves this more than YOU!!

Xoxo Chrissy ~ Certified Mindset Life Coach

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