Our Limiting Beliefs Are Directly Related To Our Stories

Limiting beliefs are those stories that we choose to believe as our truth. We accept these beliefs as fact and use them to convince ourselves that certain things aren’t possible. These limiting beliefs are judgments, experiences, doubts, feelings, and fears that we use to justify why something doesn’t work. When we allow our limiting beliefs to influence our decisions, we are holding ourselves back from achieving what is really possible.


Unlike your limiting beliefs, our negative thinking patterns or negative feedback loops aren’t  constant. Rather, they tend to appear when you are faced with an obstacle, challenge, or stressful situation and only further reinforce your limiting beliefs. Over time, these annoying thoughts become a habit and we may not even realize that we’re responding negatively toward outside circumstances and people. This is our mind’s attempt to maintain safety during uncertainty and a natural defense mechanism.

Through transformational coaching, we work on first consciously recognizing these thought patterns, and then rewiring them and replacing them with something more positive and empowering.

Our Transformational Coaching Partnership

As The Coaching Client, You Are In The Driver’s Seat. 

One of my core beliefs is that you are the only one that knows what’s best for you. You are the expert of your own life. As a coach, I’m here to guide you, keep you on track, and open your mind to new ways of thinking and different perspectives. I’ll also provide powerful reflections and constructive feedback when appropriate. BUT, throughout the whole process you are in control.

Our work together puts the power back in your hands.

Our coaching sessions are a safe space for you to think, open up, and be more intentional about your goals and actions. It’s not my role to tell you exactly what to do or to provide all the answers. 

What I am here to do is to ask you thought-provoking questions and help you dig deep to uncover your answers and solutions inside yourself. I’ll point out any limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that I’m hearing and help you see where you’re thinking is stuck or holding you back.

At its core, coaching is a collaborative relationship. I see you as an equal partner in our journey together.

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