Together We Will Focus On

Being vs. Doing

You can think of “Doing,” in simple terms, as the actions you take. It’s literally what you do. Doing encompasses the decisions you make, as well as your habits, routines, and behaviors. “Being,” on the other hand, is who you are. It’s what you find underneath all the doing. This includes your values, thought patterns, beliefs, stories, and assumptions. This part of you was learned from others growing up and has been conditioned throughout your life.

Transformational coaching is focused on creating shifts in your being. It’s the work at this deeper level that creates lasting change. Your actions will then follow and align with your new state of being.


In order to create shifts in your being, it’s necessary to first work on becoming more self-aware. This is where the journey of self-discovery and self-exploration come in. Who are you really? What are your values and beliefs? What’s important to you, and what internal factors are holding you back? Understanding yourself and your personal answers to the above questions will give us a foundation to work on moving forward.

Stories & Storytelling

Stories are your personal narrative or context. They are how you think, and how you interpret and create meaning around your experiences. Our “stories” are usually things we pick up over the course of our lives and begin to accept as “facts.” They are greatly influenced by our environment and those around us like family, friends, peers, bosses, and co-workers.

We tell ourselves stories all the time, and these stories impact how we think, feel, see ourselves, and even how we related to others. They play a crucial role in our lives, who we are, and what we do.

A few examples of stories I used to tell myself: 

  • “The only way to live a successful life is climbing up the corporate ladder.”
  • “Making money isn’t easy. Being financially stable means working long nights & putting in a lot of work.”
  • “If I leave my marriage, I will never be financially free.”


We constantly think and live within our stories. We often move forward with life, based on these set narratives that we tell ourselves. BUT it turns out that we have the power to choose which stories to tell ourselves. AND if our stories are no longer serving us, we can swap the script for a more empowering one. That’s where transformational coaching comes in!

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