Hello, my name is Christine Rizzo, I’m a Certified Manifesting Coach, Founder of The LifeCoach Academy, Creator of “The Manifesting Formula Podcast”, and the Author of the Unleash Your Inner Goddess – Start Living the Life You Deserve.”

I became a Manifesting Coach because, I have always known the power that we all have within us and, I wanted to share that with as many people as possible. As a Coach, I have helped women learn how to step into their power by learning to tap into their energy, and by taking responsibility for their own happiness instead of depending on others to create that for them. To let go of their beliefs that aren’t from love, and by taking their power back so they can start attracting everything they have ever wanted into their life. 

This has always been a passion of mine, teaching clients to live the life they deserve by listening to their intuition and by creating confidence so they can start attracting what they do want, not what they don’t want. We all have the power within us to attract whatever it is we want, you just need to learn how to align your energy correctly, which is exactly what I will teach you in my coaching program.

I invite you to start listening to my podcast “The Manifesting Formula” . I created this podcast so I can help millions of people learn the power that they all have within themselves. The Manifesting Formula is a guide to Manifesting, where you can start learning how to attract the correct way. 

If you want to go deeper into Manifesting and work one on one, I would love to get to know you, and help guide you to create the life you have always wanted. I will personally teach you how to clear the blocks that are keeping you from creating the life you have always dreamed of. Book your 30 minute consult below, where we will get to know one another so you can see if what I offer as a Coach is what you are looking for. It’s very important that you like the energy of your Coach. The 30 Minute Consult is for you to get to know me, as well as me getting to know your dreams and desires. Let me help you start creating the life you have always wanted, you will be so happy you did. 

And, if no one has told you today…..I love you.

xoxo Christine


“I loved working with Christine, she helped me to understand how to connect with myself so I could attract the right energy into my life. I learned to love myself unconditionally and to forgive those from my past so I could start manifesting everything I have always wanted. She is so good as what she does and helps you to get the results that you want!! I highly recommend working with Christine. ~ Samantha C.

“Coaching with Christine, changed my Universe! I have never felt more empowered. I instantly felt a connection with her. Within a short time, she’s helped me to understand how to address years of beliefs that were not serving me, learn to articulate my thoughts and feelings into action, and manifest my dreams into reality. I knew something was missing in my life, I just didn’t know how to tap into it. She linked arms with me from the very beginning. Christine knows how to provide the guidance necessary for life change to take place. I trusted her process and did the assignments she gave me. She’s authentic and real and makes you think thoughts that serve you that help manifest your blissful life. The one you have been waiting for. I am so very grateful for her coaching style and the impact she’s had on my life. Thank you Christine, I love you so very much! And I am so very grateful to have you as my coach”  ~ Kristin Ramirez

“Christine’s coaching was the push that I needed to truly transform my life. Her approach is realistic and she continuously challenges you, while being the close friend you always need a chat with. She made me realize that I can manifest anything that I want into my life and can live the life that I truly deserve, by listening to my intuition and changing my beliefs. She taught me that visualizing exactly what I want in intricate detain can and will manifest into my reality. Christine gives you the tools and motivation you need to focus your energy and thoughts on what you truly want and to keep your vibrations high. My life has enhanced in every way possible and only continues to increase in abundance and aliveness. We have had the power all along, sometimes we just need that friendly push to open our eyes. I am forever grateful for Christine for being my Coach.” ~ Analise Cicio

“When I first started working with Christine, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. She taught me how to believe in myself and to start loving myself, which has completely changed my life. I became more confident which helped me attract multiple job opportunities and offers. We talked a lot about gratitude and I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”  ~ Lisa Saravo

“Christine is a gifted coach, visionary and dear friend. Her view of the world always impresses me—real, honest and full of generosity. She walks her talk, manifests the life of her dreams and has an incredible knack for helping others do the same without pedantic jargon or bullshit. Her work has a place in shaping an emerging higher consciousness in the world . . . at a time when we need it most.”  ~ Lydia Feldman

“Spending time with Christine Rizzo is a beautiful gift everyone should get to experience. Christine has helped me and so many people in believing in the abundance and fulfillment in my own life. She is passionate in her work and in sharing the way she continues to make her own dreams come to fruition. I have the utmost respect for her as a person, a Life Coach and an Author.” ~ Caro Szabo

“Christine will be with you every step of the way. She excels at helping you see things you have not, in a different light, and helps you transform you and your goals into reality. I have watched her firsthand do this in her personal and professional life. She has helped me change to a positive mindset and a new way of thinking which has resulted in my current successes in not only attracting a man into my life, as well as wealth.”  ~ Domenique G. Lombardo

“Christine’s energy is quite simply radiant and magical. Her approach to living life authentically and unapologetically will hook you and draw you right in like a warm, familiar embrace. This gorgeous woman continues to amaze me with not only the way that she nurtures her own personal growth, her connection to Spirit, and carefree style, but also her affinity to know exactly what you need, when you need it most. Connecting with Christine is one of this life’s incredibly precious gifts.”  ~ Rachel Richards

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