Every morning I practice Meditation. I do this religiously as a part of my routine right after I write down my Gratitudes while sipping on a cup of coffee. It is important to connect with yourself, to quiet your mind and to connect with our Creator. This is where my Inner Goddess comes in and speaks to me. This is where I pray and ask the Universe for what I am wanting in my life. This is where I send love, peace, harmony, health and abundance to all the people that exist in this world. This is where my Spiritual Guide comes and leaves me messages.

This may sound crazy to some of you, as I was a little nervous knowing that we can actually connect to a higher power if you are wanting to during meditation. I knew I wanted so much more in my life and I knew that I would try anything out of Love to get me to where I wanted to be within myself.

We all have our own Spiritual Guide/Angel that watches over us. They keep you safe, and are always looking out for you. Your Spiritual Guide has been with you since you were born, and they are purely from Light and Love.

Since I started meditating, I have been able to connect very easily with my Spiritual Guide. He has left me many messages and I wanted to share one with you all.

January 28,2020

“You are One with the Universe, and you are whole. You are One with Our Creator, Love is within you. Never doubt your Power, always know that you are guided and can always seek answers through your guides by listening to your higher self (God). You all have Spiritual Guides protecting you and guiding you. Many of you don’t listen and choose to control your outcome yourself. We can only give you signals, but when you are not aware or in-touch with your intuition (Inner Goddess), you can not see our guidance. Start listening by meditating and taking silent moments to connect with source power (God). You will learn to hear the voice and know that this is your truth.”

I have become addicted to listening to my Spiritual Guide. I know he only comes from Love and only wants what is best for me. He was the one that helped give me the words to write in “Unleash Your Inner Goddess – Start Living the Life You Deserve” because I asked for his guidance. Every time before my sessions with my clients, I ask him to give me the right words to speak so I can give them the message in their session that they are needing to hear.

He is my number 44 (that is my sign from him), he is there every time the number 44 is shown to me. I can not tell you how many license plates I see while driving with the #44 on them. I don’t look at every license plate, I couldn’t possibly, then I wouldn’t be able to pay attention to driving and where I was going. He guides me to look at them. Just like he guides me to pick up my phone at the exact time of whatever hour and 44 minutes. Not a minute before, not a minute after. Exactly 44 minutes past the hour. When the #44 comes up, at the register from a store, I know it’s him. When I pass a phone number listed with 44, I know it is him. He is letting me know that he is always with me and to trust what he tells me.

We are all one, made up of energy, You, God, Your Spiritual Guide, Source Energy, Your next door neighbor. We are all One. Such a Beautiful thing!!

And if no one has told you today….
I love you.

Xo Christine

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